Education & Training provides a strategic plan that defines the educational needs by creating educational programs included but not limited to improving science, technical and math education and opportunities for women and girls, increase the numbers and improve the science preparation of physics teachers, support minorities pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees, conduct bonding workshops, conduct construction management series, etc. and assessing how well the organization meets those needs. Education & Training is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive educational program that educates on professional and construction industry related issues. Education and training programs are composed of Industry Day, Scholarships, Sponsorship and Classes. Conference calls are held every Tuesday at 7:00 AM EST. For additional information contact Vilmaida Rodriguez@


The student chapter of the National Association of Black Women in Construction has been established to raise awareness of not only women in the construction industry but specifically African American women in the construction industry. With the purpose of targeting young women during their matriculation, the intention of the student chapter of the National Association of Black Women in Construction is to provide students with service including but not limited to: moral and community pride, tutelage, scholarship, internships and networking. Members of the student organization of the National Association of Black Women in Construction are indebted to providing the future    generations of young African American women ascending after them with the same tools and benefits bestowed upon them by the National Association of Black Women in Construction.  It provides a structured foundation for young girls and women that assist in creating opportunities. It will encourage and enhance educational opportunities for black women interested in construction careers. Participants utilizing this platform gain access to career day, industry day, classes, volunteering, scholarships and sponsorships. Aretha Fung-A-Wing is the Student Chapter Chair for NABWIC and a current student at Florida Internal University, Miami, Florida.


Career day provides the students with professional role models primarily from occupations supported by “STEM”…science, technology, engineering, mathematics…, a platform to share with the students some of their life experiences, possible career roadmaps, techniques for skills development and the opportunity to network with professionals. It is an opportunity for students to learn and explore the construction industry from professionals. This gives them the opportunity to think about the kind of profession that interested them. NABWIC participates in FDOT Construction Career Day which is a workforce development tool that introduces high school students to the transportation construction industry and support the pipeline that will provide the professionals of tomorrow. The seminars are intentionally small to provide quality face time between the panelists, students and guests. It provides the students to interact with professionals in the construction industry. It provides the students with all the resources and exposes them to the construction industry. Career day gives students the opportunity helps the students achieve their educational and personal goals.


NABWIC has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to assist in building communities, hope and the opportunity for families. Volunteers work on construction sites to help build affordable homes for working families. The students volunteer in construction related activities to build homes by providing hands on experience in the construction industry. They work on construction-related tasks, following safety guidelines and report directly to the Habitat staff person at the site. No experience is required and volunteers receive direction and support from Habitat construction staff and Volunteer Skilled Supervisors. The volunteer building projects is the key to the development of disadvantaged communities. All the volunteer needs are his or her hands and a readiness to get out there and work to significantly improve the quality of life of a community in need. NABWIC’s goal is to support the work of local community organizations in developing construction related activities by showing volunteers construction proper construction methods and procedures for the future.


NABWIC is dedicated to preparing the next generation and workforce for today’s competitive market place. The sub-committee serves to advance the profession by awarding scholarships. Scholarship programs are establishes for high achieving young black women who are looking to obtain a college in the fields of construction, engineering and transportation. It will review and recommend to the executive board the types of scholarships needed for the advancement of the profession and recruitment of qualified persons into the construction field; develop, review and set guidelines for awarding scholarships for each category of scholarships . NABWIC will publicize the availability of scholarships, solicit applications, and award scholarships according to established criteria.  (NABWIC) to commemorate Women’s History Month by focusing on the empowerment of women-­‐owned businesses and young women interested in careers within the transportation industry.


NABWIC provides internships for students with companies in the construction and construction related industries.  It is an opportunity that is offered by an employer to potential employees to work at a firm for a fixed or limited period of time. NABWIC collaborates with Universities to place students in construction and construction related industries jobs. It helps students enhance or determine their interest in careers, create a network of contacts or gain school credit. It provides real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into construction and related construction career. NABWIC creates connections with companies that will expose students to all aspects of construction and related construction industries and provide them with valuable job experiences to complement their academic studies.